Wolf CMS Arbitrary File Upload To Command Execution – "CVE-2015-6567 , CVE-2015-6568"

NPDS CMS SQL Injection – "CVE-2015-1400"

X3 CMS XSS And CSRF "CVE-2014-8771 , CVE-2014-8772"

Modx XSS And CSRF Bypass “CVE-2014-8773 , CVE-2014-8774 , CVE-2014-8775”

Word Press Firewall Plugin XSS “CVE-2014-466

Web2py 2.9.11 Open Redirection Vulnerability , CVE - 2015-6961

Web2py 2.14.5 LFI "CVE-2016-4806"

Web2py 2.14.5 Reflected XSS "CVE-2016-4807"

Web2py 2.14.5 CSRF "CVE-2016-4808"

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