Wednesday 24 April 2013

Symantec CSRF Bypass Vulnerability

Symantec CSRF Vulnerability
Hello friends here i came with another vulnerability article

Symantec Antivirus Well Known Anti Virus Official Website Vulnerable To CSRF Vulnerability...

First i go to symantec customer log in page and created my own test accounting for testing....I Switch to Live Http Headers , and then i suck , Why !! there is a CSRF Tokens called "Nonce"

Time Now XSS , Vulnerability

"Time Now XSS" Vulnerability A Cute XSS Which I Have Found

Hello friends here today we will see "Time Now XSS Vulnerability"Times Now Tv & Shiksha Official Website

i will dont waste your time much more

I will come to directly to the point

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Rediffmail Clickjacking

Rediffmail Vulnerable To Click Jacking Vulnerability ( Rediffmail Clickjacking )

Hello friends

Today i will show you how i find click jacking in

First if you dont know about click jacking then Click Here To Know About It

First i try to load rediffmail in i frama as concept of click jacking..

I forget to take this screen shot so i am skipping this step