Saturday 30 June 2018

Bypass Rate Limit Brute Force Protection Login Attempt Protection Captcha Bypass

Hello All While pentesting an application we might face some problem of  Brute Force Protection , Login Attempt Protection And Captcha Based Protection , So today we will see how can "Bypass Rate Limit Brute Force Protection Login Attempt Protection Captcha Bypass"

First of all we will not use any kind of ready made tools for this , So lets begin !

Many people will think that this is a small issue, But if we look closely an attacker point of view then we will came to know , that By Brute Forcing any login panel can allows an attacker to gain administrative privilege instead of looking for vulnerabilities like RCE , SQL Injection and other critical vulnerability which might also allow us to take the Root or Administrator Level access.

Here i am describing many different techniques which i have observed while pentesting or hunting bugs.

Friday 29 June 2018

JSON Hijacking

JSON Hijacking

Today we will see that, How we can find the
JSON Hijacking vulnerability. As we know that this works on older browsers, still we should analyse it because this is a miss-understood/less known vulnerability for many security people. I hope you will like it.

What is JSON Hijacking?

JSON Hijacking is similior to CSRF(Cross Site Request Forgery) but there is just a little bit difference, In CSRF you trick the victim/user to do some malicious/unwanted activity but in JSON Hijacking you trick the user to access a crafted link which will read some data form victim account and pass it to attacker.

Who Are Affected To This?

This vulnerability is already fixed in modern browser, Like  as of now if victim is using modern browser it cannot be exploited. But still if any one is using an older browser it can be attacked.

How We Can Find JSON Hijacking Vulnerability

Backup Vulnerability Vulnerability Exploitation

cPanel WebDisk Android App 4.0 : Backup Vulnerability

Hello folks,

This vulnerability is regarding an Insecure Data Storage & Security Miss-Congiguration, which can be achieve using Android Backup Functionality.

We all know that many of the mobile application stored user credentials or any sensitive data into device itself as clear text format. which ideally not a good practice.

But many of us might know that to access that data we need root privileges or require some special conditions like debugging to be enable. So still if the mobile application is storing sensitive data in clear text its not an issues. Many Security Teams & Bug Bounty Programs Specially exclude this kind of vulnerability where Root/JailBroken conditions required to exploit a vulnerability.