Sunday 23 April 2017

iOS Application Pentesting Part 5 : Insecure HTTP Data Transit

Just like Transmitting Sensitive Credentials Over HTTP, Application which used HTTP to communicate with their server and don`t using any kind of encryption are vulnerable to this issues.

In iGoat application, there is a simple demonstration that username & password passed in application is transmitting over http and without any encryption as result an attacker can capture/sniff those packages and could hijack victim`s account.

Open the iGoat App and go to Data Protection ( Transit ) and then select Server Communication 

In the other side don`t forget to run the iGoat app ruby server.

Now go to the application and enter any credentials and hit submit button. After hitting submit button output would be like this.

In the background our ruby iGoat server will act/demonstrate as an attack scenario where user credentials are stolen by attacker as plain text.

The same you can do, when you are real penetrating engagement . On your device you can set up a burp proxy or you can use Wireshark to demonstrate this vulnerability where you can see the credentials in clear text format.

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